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Advice2Advance Diagram

A key product launch looming and you are unsure if your team is ready to meet the challenge. You need to create a vision of how the product should be delivered. A detailed outline of how to get there will keep your team moving efficiently forward.

You need the Advice2Advance 1 Day Workshop!

We spend a focused two-hours, diving deep into the challenges that are currently faced with and strategize in detail how to move forward.

Some of the topics that we can dive into during your work session are go-to-market operational readiness, demand management, product development, or interdepartmental communication.

You leave with clear and actionable next steps.

Other topics in mind? Let’s chat!

What you get:

· Virtual 2-hr workshop with your team of up to 4 people

· Clarity through focused conversation

· One-page action steps

· 30-min virtual debrief session

Pictured is an example of the detail that goes into this style of strategy session.


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