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Profitable and Sustainable Business

Tech Companies

can be profitable AND sustainable.


We’ll show you how.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to increase their profits in a planet-friendly way.


We achieve this by guiding forward-thinking companies on increasing efficiencies and reducing waste in their operations and creation of their products and services.  Through leadership commitment, methodical process improvement, and mindful technology use, we drive organizational excellence.  


Our work supports businesses in navigating the journey toward sustainability and profitability with discipline, kindness, and an unwavering commitment to creating a better future for all.

Our A-B-C Focus


your value with engaged teams, effective processes, and environmentally friendly practices.


processes and technology infused with humanity so your teams perform at their natural best and your business thrives. 


your organization's elements to streamline your workflow and be a sustainable business.

Green Energy Turbines
Building tech organizations that are

profitable and better for the planet.

The Values That Drive Our Evolution


We’ll look after your organization as if it was our own. Your success is our success.


We respect and value everyone — co-workers and customers alike — regardless of gender, race, or background.


We believe in bridging communication gaps to foster relationships at all levels of an organization.


Our Capabilities 

Systems Thinking

Enterprise Architecture

Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma)

Strategic Planning

Operational Planning

Change Management

Scaled Agile (SAFe)

Project Management Office (PMO)

IT Management (ITSM)


Meet Eloisa

Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

CEO and Founder

I’m passionate about helping tech organizations increase profits sustainably. Having a profitable business need not come at the expense of our planet. I have found that most businesses want to do right by the environment, but given the demands of business leadership, they need an expert guide, which is where I specialize.


My passion for the planet and the outdoors began during my time as a professional tennis player and has only increased in recent years when I spend time outdoors with my family.


My expertise in helping businesses grow profitably and sustainably has been crafted through 20 years of Operations and Information Technology experience.  I have optimized some of the most complex logistical operations, such as international shipping.  For other clients, I have scaled software development practices 20x, as well as internal systems and operations, to ensure they can maximize increases in customer demand. 


Whatever journey your business is on, I look forward to helping you increase both your profits and positive impact on the environment. I will help you build actionable strategies and plans your teams can implement, using my unique combination of expertise in business process optimization, software development, IT, supply chain, and sustainability.  I am also PMP, SAFe, and Six Sigma certified and hold a certificate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT).


I'm dedicated to helping organizations be profitable and optimize their technology and processes in a sustainable and efficient manner.


Profitability and our planet can go hand in hand.  We're excited to show you how!
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