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Be profitable while
positively impacting the planet

Sustainability consulting for sporting goods manufacturers

Strategic Planning

Enterprise Applications

Sustainable Scaling

The market is changing.

Large sporting goods retailers are socially conscious, and they expect you to be too. But there’s more to sustainability than just solar panels and recycling. You and your team understand the value of sustainable practices, but you’re not sure how to implement them in a way that helps your company grow.


Becoming more sustainable opens the door to more business opportunities

We’ll help you create a socially and environmentally responsible operation that is financially sound too. With tailored solutions, we’ll deliver a customized strategy that reflects your values, attracts new clients, and sends your profits soaring.

Adopt ESG principles without disrupting your bottom line

We understand the overwhelming feeling of adopting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Going down the wrong path can be costly and waste time you don’t have. To simplify the process, we break it down into four main areas of focus: Assessing, Planning, Integrating, and Evolving.

Tailored Solutions for Every Goal

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re in growth mode, our custom packages will help you reach your specific goals.



For companies ready to implement sustainable solutions


1 day workshops 

1 week sprints 

1 month steps



For companies ready to scale their sustainability practices


1 day workshops 

1 week sprints 

1 month steps

Serving a Tennis Ball

Helping sporting goods manufacturers build sustainable AND profitable businesses

The Next Steps


your challenges on a discovery call



on your custom sustainability strategy built exclusively for your business


a financially sound, environmentally friendly business
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Sustainable Successes

Scaled Agile (SAFe) Implementation

"ECG has provided the Agile process leadership and support to grow at a pace that works for us.   We have appreciated their knowledge and flexibility. We have considered ECG as part of our team and hope to continue that partnership in the future."

Mike Gilmore  |  AD Software Engineering,  Quanterix

Sustainability Spotlight

Cricket Match

Increase profits while preserving the places we play

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